John and Mitch discuss the highs and lows of JJ Abrams' Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. 

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Outpost 31: Act III of The Thing

May 31, 2019

Cody Wyoming joins John and Mitch one last time to talk about Act III of The Thing.

Outpost 31: Act II (b) of The Thing

May 30, 2019

Out intrepid hosts are once again accompanied by Cody Wyoming to talk about blood tests, practical effects, and iconic lines in Act II (b) of The Thing.

Outpost 31: Act II (a) of The Thing

May 29, 2019

Cody Wyoming returns to join Mitch and John on their journey into Act II of The Thing.

Outpost 31: Act I of The Thing

May 28, 2019

John and Mitch are joined by musician Cody Wyoming to discuss Act I of John Carpenter's The Thing.

Rumor Control: Alien 3 - Act III

April 26, 2019

John and Mitch finish their coverage of Alien 3 by covering Act III which starts with Ripley suicidally searching for the alien and ends with the closing credits.

Rumor Control: Alien 3 - Act II Part 2

April 25, 2019

John and Mitch return for part three of their Alien 3 coverage which starts with Ripley interrogating Bishop's mangled upper torso and ends with a very Sulaco-like ship approaching Fiorina 161. 

Rumor Control: Alien 3 - Act II Part 1

April 24, 2019

On episode two of our Alien 3 coverage, Mitch and John begin by talking about Ripley's shower and shave and end with Ripley punching a would-be rapist in the face.

Rumor Control: Alien 3 - Act I

April 23, 2019

John and Mitch have finally returned to break down Alien 3, only this time in more manageable chunks. Episode 1 covers Act I which begins with Ripley, Newt, and Hicks riding an escape pod down to Fiorina 161 and ends with Ripley and a crew of religious monk space prisoners tearfully cremating Newt and Hicks while a newborn Xenomorph calf/puppy blasts its way out of an Ox/Dog. 

The Quadfecta Ep. 0 - Coppola and Kubrick

March 28, 2019

John Ingle and Mitch Brian of Alien Minute return to introduce THE QUADFECTA, a podcast dedicated to discussing the difficulty of making four truly great films in a row.